Entah kenapa halaman ini dalam Bahasa Inggeris. Malas nak teran selit, so baca je lah:

Hello World. My name is Sanazi Ali or better known among my friends as Toji Ali. Born in July 1992 in Kelantan, Malaysia. I love to surf the internet and blog to fill my free time.

tentang sanazi ali
Picture was taken in 2020 – So you can guess why I was wearing a face mask

So what this site is about? Actually this site is purposely made to revive my old blog at tojiali.blogspot.com. That blog was created back in 2011 originally in Malay language but later on I added a few articles mainly about tutorials in English. So that means a bilingual blog. After that, I decided it was not a good idea to mix up languages especially when non-Malay speakers become subscribers of the blog so I have to make the blog fully in English.

The reasons why I want to have a blog in English are by two main reasons. Firstly, since blog is something that made public, so my publicity of my blog should be worldwide, the usage of Malay in my blog will only make it reachable to Malay speakers only but if I use English, my blog will be worldwide. Secondly, I want to improve my English. I am a person who get proper English education from primary school even in my bachelor study. So, it is a shameful thing not to have a good English if I have a proper education in it.

Then what this blog will consist? First thing that will be included of course my life journals but you can be assured that will not be the most of the contents because they will make you bored. The priorities for this blog are tutorials, reviews, info, and tips. You can expect tutorials about blogging and internet related stuffs. For reviews, I will include my opinion and suggestions on software that are useful for blogging as well as the other internet related stuffs. For info and tips, I will serve a few suggestions and comparisons about services that related to blogging.


  1. Assallammualaikum cek toji,saya ingin bertanya bagaimna nk daftar internet online melalui hp. misalnya saya nk bankin wang ke akaun bank yg lain..

    1. Waalaikumussalam. Sy kurang pasti maksud awak. Kalau sudah daftar internet banking, boleh login melalui hp atau guna mobile app. Untuk kirim wang ke bank lain boleh gunakan fungsi Interbank GIRO (IBG) atau Instant Transfer.

  2. Hi, camna saya nak contact dgan encik? Sya nak tahu dgan lebih lnjut tentang patologi pertuturan,,

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